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If you’re looking for TablaturePads for guitar, 5-string banjo or 4-string instruments designed with players in mind, you came to the right place! I created the first of my unique steno-size tablature pads when I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for taking notes at the banjo camp I would be attending this summer. A few manuscript pads came close, but nothing was just right.

So I designed my own, and was going to have my printer friend make just a few.

“Everyone’s going to want one. Print more,” said my wife. So I did. And she was very close to right. After fellow campers bought half the copies I brought with me, I needed an easy way to make my banjo tab pads more widely available — with a production cost I could afford, a selling price that made sense and a shipping method that didn’t require me stuffing envelopes and standing in line at the Post Office.

I found it here at BrightDoc. And since I think a business should offer more than one product, and BrightDoc’s print-on-demand service makes that easy to do, I designed tab pads for guitar and 4-stringed instruments (there’s a bass on the cover of that one, but you mandolin players can use it, too).

Here’s what makes my tab pads the perfect tool for music camp, group or private lessons or any time you want to write down your musical ideas:

• Steno size for holding the pad in one hand while writing with the other

• Top spiral binding for fast flipping to the next page

• Thick chipboard backing for solid resistance to writing pressure

• At least 6 staves per page — plenty enough for licks, runs and exercises — plus blank chord diagrams for fingerings

• Printed one side, leaving room for notes on the back

• Small enough to fit in most gig bag pockets

• Reasonable price, with discounts when you buy 5 or 10 — great for teachers to resell to students

Click on the images below for pricing, shipping options and easy ordering. And thanks for visiting!


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